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Meet Our Team

Our team is positioned to provide proven and innovative solutions for achieving your goals and requirements, with our flexible staffing, streamlined corporate structure, and competitive pricing. Cumulatively, we've received many notable awards, including:

  • Presidential Rank Award
  • NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
  • NASA Exceptional Service Medals
  • NASA Public Service Medals
  • Astronaut Silver Snoopy Awards
  • NASA Group Achievement Awards
  • Lockheed-Martin Corporate Engineer of the Year
NES Staff US Map

We bring this experience, expertise and excellence to your projects. Our team members, including our QARMS staff, are located throughout the continental United States and near NASA Centers, as shown by the green dots on the map above right.

Our Executive Team

Robert J. Navarro
President and CEO

  • . Retired NASA with 37 years of federal service from NASA and DoD
  • . Chief Executive Officer of Quality Assurance and Risk Management Services
    • . Successfully managed operations, budget, schedule, and technical resources for Government cost-plus-award and fixed-fee, time and materials, and fixed-price contracts for the past 10 years
  • . Past Safety and Mission Assurance Deputy Director of NASA Ames Research Center
  • . Support for Columbia Accident Investigation Board
  • . Former Ames Chief Engineer's Office Technical Risk Manager; Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Division; and Branch Chief

David A. Zimmer
Technical Expert & Principal Systems Engineer

M.S., Systems Management and Systems Safety (UCLA)
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
  • . Over 30 years of NASA flight hardware design, development, manufacture, and acceptance
  • . NASA Resident Quality Engineering Representative at Lockheed Martin manufacturing facilities; Ares Corporation, ManTech Corporation, SRS Technologies, Hernandez Engineering Inc.
  • . Oversaw the construction, assembly, and acceptance testing of GOES-R Series Solar Ultra-Violet Imager (SUVI) and Global Lightening Mapper (GLM) Instruments; supported TIROS spacecraft
  • . Program Manager and Site Manager, Reliability and Quality Assurance Manager, and System Safety Manager, at Hernandez Engineering Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center (Moffett Field, CA)
  • . Senior Level Program Assurance consultant at SRS Technologies; provided top level support to NASA Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance (SR&QA office)
  • . Lead Systems Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Corporation on C4 TRIDENT SSBN Missile Launching Systems, and operational support for Polaris/Poseidon Missile Launching Systems

Allan S. Benjamin, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

  • . Over 30 years scientific experience in aerothermodynamics; developing and applying probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) methods and modeling/simulation techniques to evaluate safety and reliability issues for space systems, nuclear systems, and defense systems
  • . Senior Scientist Fellow at Information Systems Laboratories. Consulted with NASA Headquarters, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) on System Safety (SS), Risk Informed Decision-Making (RIDM), Continuous Risk Management (CRM), and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • . Principal writer of the NASA System Safety Handbook - Volume 2 (NASA/SP-2014-612), and NASA special publication on organizational risk and opportunity management (NASA/SP-2014-615)
  • . Presented three papers at the 2016 and 2014 Probabilistic Safety Analysis and Management (PSAM) conferences
  • . Published author of "Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management: Concepts and Step-by-Step Examples for Pioneering Scientific and Technical Organizations" (2017)
  • . Principal Scientist and Manager of Advanced Concepts at ARES Corporation
  • . Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS), Supervisor, and Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories
  • . Member of Professional Staff at TRW Systems Group