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Our Services

Program Management

Managing multiple groups of projects that meet or exceed the business goals pre-determined by our clients, our focal point is on tight integration, closely-knit communication, and efficient, effective control over program resources and priorities.

Technical Planning

We focus on up-front, "future-forward" technical planning, providing our customers with the technical strategy, direction, and guidance to evolve and mature relevant technologies to address future mission needs.

Requirements Management

We document, analyze, trace, and prioritize requirements' management needs, communicate and control change, to ultimately provide our customers with compliance, completeness, coverage, and consistency.

Interface Management

Working with multiple contractors, subcontractors, and clients, we implement an interface management process that streamlines project communication, identifies critical interfaces, mitigates risks, and monitors ongoing work progress, ensuring proper transparency between multiple interfacing sub-systems.
  • Systems Engineering
  • Functional Requirements

Technical Risk Management

On the project level, we provide the processes, methods, tools, and an infrastructure of resources and organizational responsibilities to identify, analyze, and assess a project's risks, suggest courses of best practices and actions, and implement determined actions to a successful resolution.

Independent Technical Assessments

We provide the team to kickoff and identify stakeholders, problems, and definitions of success, determine milestones and deadlines, preform interviews and capture preliminary findings and recommendations, draft briefings, perform peer review and deliver briefings to our customers, for mission-critical, real-time systems. We also conduct Independent Expert Reviews.
  • Requirements Review
  • Concept Review
  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Critical Design Review
  • Pre-test Review
  • Post-test Review
  • Mission Operations Review

Decision Analysis

For any initial situation, we provide the expertise and experience for the basis development, deterministic structuring, probabilistic evaluation, and basis appraisal for its actionable outcome.

Systems Engineering

We design and manage complex engineering systems over their lifecycles including requirements engineering, reliability, logistics, coordination of different teams, testing and evaluation, reliability, maintainability, and the many other disciplines necessary for successful system development, design, implementation, and ultimate decommission.

Unmanned Technologies

NES can provide support services for the unmanned industry: Defense, Civil, Academia and Commercial. Services include:
  • Field Operations & Management
  • Air Vehicle Operators
  • Training Programs
  • Program Development
  • Technical Documentation Writing
  • Sensor Integration and Testing
  • Map Management
  • CONOPS Development
    • Public Safety
    • Civil Applications
  • Flight Certification Assistance
    • NASA Flight Worthiness
    • DOD Safety Certification
    • FAA COA Development
NES has access to additional experienced personnel including Internal & External Pilots, Mission Commanders, Sensor Operators, Maintenance Technicians, and Logisticians.

Small Satellite Technology

NES personnel have experience with over 70 space programs including 4 Small Satellite projects. This experience includes work on 1U, 3U, 6U CubeSats in the following areas.
  • Subsystem Requirements
  • Interface Development
  • Subsystem Procurement
  • Integration Procedures
  • Environmental Test Procedures
  • Launch Vehicle Procedures